Simple & Easy

Step 1: Push the button to extent the tick tweezers.

Step 2: Grasp tick just below 'head' then twist tweezers slowly to the left (approx 2-3 rotations)

Step 3: Slowly pull the tick tweezers away from the skin and dispose of tick.

Please Note: When removing ticks, do not use oil or other lubricants on the site as this can increase the risk of infection. Always disinfect the bite site after tick removal. If you experience flu-like symptoms and/or a local reaction (redness, bulls-eye rash) within a few weeks after the bite, or have been bitten in a high-risk area for tickborne diseases, see a doctor.



Our tick tweezers are essential for any camping trip, hike or outdoor activity. We all know how fiddly some tick removal methods are. This easy to use solution is especially useful with younger children and pets.


Dr. Schick's

Tick Tweezers

$6.95 + Freight

Can also be used with young Children & Pets

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